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Services of Prosthesis and Implant–Prosthesis 

The service of prosthesis and implant-prosthesis was established by Professor Paolo Pera in 1997, with the aim of performing clinical activity supporting didactics and research in the scope of the teaching of Dental Prosthesis at the Advanced Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis.    

In 2003 the Department obtained the Certification of Excellence in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards issued by the certifying authority CSQ. Adopting a quality management system represents a strategic decision of the welfare structure aimed at offering all necessary guarantees to its patients.

Ospedale San Martino, Hall 4, 2nd Floor

Largo Rosanna Benzi,10 – 16132  Genova

Telephone 010/3537421 Fax 010/3537402            

Responsible for the Service: Paolo Pera, Full Professor


The therapies are supplied by dentists and dental hygienists; many of them are contract professor at the Degree Courses in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis or in Dental Hygiene.


The patients are offered all therapies for dental restoration or substitution, in case they are compromised, with the realization of prosthesis of any type (leaning on the mucosa, on teeth or with implant) using both conventional and state-of-the-art treatments.  

When the patient contacts the Unit for consultation or to undergo a treatment, he/she is followed according to the “global care” or global therapy principle, i.e. all therapies – from oral hygiene to conservative treatments, both of endodontical and prosthetic type – necessary for its complete recovery.

Therapies supplied

Conservative (filling)

Endodontics (devitalizations)

Surgery (pre-prosthetic and periodontal surgery)

Implantation (insertion of dental implants)

Fixed prosthesis (bridges, crowns) and removable (dentures and plates) 

Oral hygiene

Aesthetic dentistry (teeth whitening)


Therapeutic procedure

It is possible to fix the appointments by phone. You must inform the secretary’s personnel if it is the first time you make use of the Service or if you have already been under treatment.

At the moment of the examination it is advisable to present a clinical documentation, you may already have, e.g.: blood analysis, medical certificates, radiographies,  etc.

The doctor who will visit the Patient shall evaluate his/her needs, asses the necessary treatment, issue the clinical record, the anamnesis, the program of treatment that will be then submitted to Professor Pera for approval. it is standard practice of the Unit to give the Patient the quote with the details of the treatment and the relevant costs.

At the acceptance of the treatment program it will be possible to fix with the dentist a schedule of the sessions required to complete the treatment.

The waiting time for the first examination is about 10 working days.

Methods of Payment

The cost of the treatment follows the tariff regulations approved by the Academic Authorities with the reinvestment of the profits to improve the service and therefore of the research and teaching.

The payment of the services can be made with a single deposit or by instalments, on agreement with the Secretary, and can be made through Cash dispenser (service in the Unit) or money transfer at any branch of CARIGE bank.

After completing the services and the treatment a follow-up service will be scheduled with the patient with periodical checks. The secretary’s personnel have also the task to deliver the medical reports. It is possible to use an emergency service upon telephone call. 

Opening Times

Secretary’s office

From Monday to Friday form 08.30 am to 1.30 pm

Telephone 010/3537421 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              010/3537421      end_of_the_skype_highlighting - Fax 010/3537402

How to reach us

The Unit is located inside the San Martino Hospital at the 2nd floor of hall 4.

The unit can be reached through stairs or a wide lift without architectural barriers.

San Martino Hospital can be reached:

by city bus no 18, San Martino-Hospital terminus;

by private car, outside the hospital area you can find a paid parking space

At the entrance to the Hospital, located in Largo Rosanna Benzi 10, you can find:

- a  Taxi rank

- a Cash dispenser 

  1. -a bank counter  (Banca CARIGE)

  2. -

A phone box is available inside Hall 4